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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Day 243-August 31, 2014

Sunday morning and I am about to start working back on my customer's order. I was so sleepy last night that I was out by about 11pm. I did work on the order some yesterday between spending time with my sister in law and the kids' birthday party they attended. I picked up my older child and let her watch a movie on the laptop while I watched a movie with hubby. I am still looking for ideas for something to make for my daughter's classes for their Christmas parties this year. I know it is just the beginning of the school year but to make 40 of them I need to start early. We still have to pick my younger daughter up from her friend here in a little bit.

Here are my plans for today.  I am going to work on the order most of the day. I have to post the next challenge in the boot camp this evening. I am also going to start looking for people for the next boot camp. I am also going to look for a good website to distribute newsletters and start doing something like that and sending them out. I am also thinking about starting a mailing service like some of these other companies and see what I can do. I know there are people that don't have time or money to mail things out so I am going to look into that. Maybe I can do something like that on the side too.

I am just trying to figure out something that I can do to make extra money and help meet my goal.

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