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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Day 238-August 26, 2014

I think I have something figured out. Just have to get it in motion. Hubby had suggested a little while back that I teach my crafts as well as sell them. Here is what I have figured out.

I work 40 hours a week and bring home approximately $1930 a month. That is not much but it pays the bills. It doesn't leave much left over though.

If I do two hour craft classes on Tuesday nights, Thursday nights, two of them on Saturday and one on Sunday, that gives me 10 hours a week. Here is my math.

  40 hour week
x$13 an hours
$520/week x 4=$2080 before taxes ($1930 after taxes)

5 two hour classes=10 hour weeks
5 people per class x $20 per person=$100 per class

$100 per class
x5 per week
$500/week x 4=$2000 per month and pay taxes quarterly

Then once I am to the point of quitting my day job I can add classes during the day for sahm's.

Now I have made my material list, I have to get my business license, business cards, and find a place to hold the classes. I am going to call some of the local churches and see if they rent out rooms and see what I can do. I am also going to call some of the local businesses and see if they rent areas. I am also going to get the pieces cut out with different patterns for them to choose from so that everyone can make something to suit them.

That is my plan so far. I am sure that I will get more detailed once I get into getting started but that is what I have for now. What do you think?

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