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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Day 243-August 31, 2014

Sunday morning and I am about to start working back on my customer's order. I was so sleepy last night that I was out by about 11pm. I did work on the order some yesterday between spending time with my sister in law and the kids' birthday party they attended. I picked up my older child and let her watch a movie on the laptop while I watched a movie with hubby. I am still looking for ideas for something to make for my daughter's classes for their Christmas parties this year. I know it is just the beginning of the school year but to make 40 of them I need to start early. We still have to pick my younger daughter up from her friend here in a little bit.

Here are my plans for today.  I am going to work on the order most of the day. I have to post the next challenge in the boot camp this evening. I am also going to start looking for people for the next boot camp. I am also going to look for a good website to distribute newsletters and start doing something like that and sending them out. I am also thinking about starting a mailing service like some of these other companies and see what I can do. I know there are people that don't have time or money to mail things out so I am going to look into that. Maybe I can do something like that on the side too.

I am just trying to figure out something that I can do to make extra money and help meet my goal.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Day 242-August 30, 2014

I cut the pieces for the order for the tissue box covers last night and then this morning went to get a mani/pedi with my soon to be sister in law and she asked me to be a bridesmaid. Yay! It was the first time that I have ever had a mani or a pedi and it was amazing. I am so much more relaxed. Then on top of that we had a nice long talk about how to survive the mother in law. I am going to get the pattern done on one of the side pieces and then I can use the completed piece to use as a guide for the other pieces. I want to have them done and ready to deliver Tuesday when we go back to work after the Labor Day holiday.

I will get them done by then. I have faith. I still have to get the other items on the website. Then need to start advertising. I am going to add some hand sewn items too once I get some things done.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Day 241-August 29, 2014

Here it is Friday and we have a three day weekend. That means three days for a crafting marathon. I did get an order from a coworker for two tissue box covers. One is going to have blues and purples and one will be the 49er's. She has already paid me for them which is good. I can get them done this weekend and still make a couple of more things.

I am looking forward to resting this weekend and getting some things done. I am also going to plan a test class to see if I can get people interested in the class. I will still be making things to put on my website. I will just be glad when things get really rolling. I know with the cold season coming up and the holidays I can get started on some ornament sets. I am thinking about also making small ornaments for the kids classes for Christmas. I might make goody bags though. But for now I am making the order for my coworker and then making the heat cool packs, hand warmers, and coffee cozies like I have been wanting to make.

I can't wait until the day that I get to tell my boss that I quit. Not because I will be leaving this job but because I will be accomplishing my goal. Hopefully that day will not be far off.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Day 240-August 28, 2014

I went through my sewing stuff last night to see what all I have. I have a lot of material. I am going to look at what clothes we are going to toss out of the kids' clothes and see what I can make from them. I have a few things I am wanting to make but still a little nervous about getting started. I am going to start advertising my website more and see if I can get some things on there of the things I have made already. Then I will be starting to sew and embroider some things. I have several squares that have been done by my grandmother so I think I am going to start making from that. Not something I will sell because it was done by Granny but still look at a few things to make. I am going to start for sure with coffee cozies.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Day 239-August 27, 2014

Looked through some patterns last night to decide what to offer my class. Emailed a couple of friends to see what they thought about the idea. Everyone seems to think it is a good idea about the classes. I still have not gone through my sewing supplies to see what I have. I think I will do that tonight for sure and get it organized. I am going to look up patterns for the cell phone cases and try them out on my phone to see how sturdy the stitches are. I have been looking on the Wal-Mart website and saw a simple sewing machine for about $30 and that includes all accessories and supplies. Now just to get it. I might can get it this weekend. Have to see what the funding is. I need more canvas too. I have to start getting my packets in order. I need to get some things done as far as advertising and getting classes booked. We will see.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Day 238-August 26, 2014

I think I have something figured out. Just have to get it in motion. Hubby had suggested a little while back that I teach my crafts as well as sell them. Here is what I have figured out.

I work 40 hours a week and bring home approximately $1930 a month. That is not much but it pays the bills. It doesn't leave much left over though.

If I do two hour craft classes on Tuesday nights, Thursday nights, two of them on Saturday and one on Sunday, that gives me 10 hours a week. Here is my math.

  40 hour week
x$13 an hours
$520/week x 4=$2080 before taxes ($1930 after taxes)

5 two hour classes=10 hour weeks
5 people per class x $20 per person=$100 per class

$100 per class
x5 per week
$500/week x 4=$2000 per month and pay taxes quarterly

Then once I am to the point of quitting my day job I can add classes during the day for sahm's.

Now I have made my material list, I have to get my business license, business cards, and find a place to hold the classes. I am going to call some of the local churches and see if they rent out rooms and see what I can do. I am also going to call some of the local businesses and see if they rent areas. I am also going to get the pieces cut out with different patterns for them to choose from so that everyone can make something to suit them.

That is my plan so far. I am sure that I will get more detailed once I get into getting started but that is what I have for now. What do you think?

Monday, August 25, 2014

Day 237-August 25, 2014

We are almost at the end of August and I still have time to meet my goal. I just have to get in there and do it. This feeling of being lost is getting put on the back burner. I will deal with that later. I am going to make it a point to finish three items per week. I don't care how small or large the item, there will be three items done per week.

I was looking at embroidered pendants. I could do those with no problem. I just have to find the pendants and chains and can get that started. I will look on amazon and see what I can find. If not then I will figure something out as far as making pendants. I was also looking at domino style pendants. I have the dremel tool to make the holes and the drill bit but just need to get the material. We will see what I come up with.

I also have an idea to run by hubby tonight and hopefully will have a wonderful new addition to help reach my goal.

Day 236-August 24, 2014

I have not accomplished anything all weekend. I did, however, drag out my sewing basket that has most of my supplies in it but have not opened it. So much for progress. I was not feeling well again this weekend but have attributed that to stress. I need to get the negative people out of my life. Just have to concentrate on the positive. I need some major changes in my life. I am going to have no choice but to put all of my attention on my little ones and my business. It is really hard when you have to it all on your own.

I have to buckle down tonight and create a few things and I have to get my items from the vendor show on my website to sell and get some business generated there. I am just so tired and to my breaking point. I will sit down tonight also and get a new game plan together. Maybe create my catalog and go from there. I want to get into something that will sell but have to figure out how to get the money together. I know I can do it if I had the money to get all that I need.

I did create a gofundme account so maybe there will be some people to help me out there. I know I can get all that I need for $1000 to get started. That would buy me a sewing machine and all the fabric, batting, and thread that I need as well as help me get advertising done. I just have to get it together. From here out everything that I sell goes into my paypal account and is not touched except for the money needed to ship the items. I have to save some money up.

I am also going to talk to some friends about helping me get the word out about my gofundme account and my website to see if I can get any bites. I need to make my to-do list so that I can get started as soon as I get home from my day job. I have to stay positive but just don't know how.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Day 235-August 23, 2014

Here it is Saturday and my stress level is through the roof. Doing a flash sale on items that I have to make a little cash. Gotta figure something out. 

Friday, August 22, 2014

Day 234-August 22, 2014

Here it is almost the end of August and I fee like a failure. I have tried several things but had to give up for one reason or another. I am still doing my crafts but don't know if that is really what I want to do. I have to figure something out. Any suggestions?

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Day 233-August 21, 2014

I have to admit that I hate being broke. I have items on my website, given out cards, and been advertising my website and still no orders. I guess plastic canvas just is not selling. I am going to look into other things to make and sell and other ways to make money from home. I am so tired of how things are. Baseball season is on a break with school starting back and I didn't realize how much money he was making until this break. We need that money. I hate getting paid every other week. Money is not lasting that long. Still have to get the kids school clothes before it gets cold.

I am open to suggestions of anything but direct sales. I am not falling into that again. I want something of my own but it looks like I might see my deadline before I meet my goal. Just have to get it out there more. Making my head hurt more. I keep a migraine. I hate being stressed. I didn't get my sewing stuff out last night because I am psyching myself out like I always do before I start a new project.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Day 232-August 20, 2014

I took a night off and got some rest and feel better about things this morning. I thought about some things last night and while I need a sewing machine I think I can do some things without one. I am also going to do a flash sale on Facebook to see if I can sell a few items to get them off my hands. They are my display items that are still in the trunk of my

I was looking at some of the things that I have from when I did direct sales and I think I can make a lot of the same type of items. I think I am going to try a few things. I am making more hand warmers tonight and making some heat/cool packs but will have to wait to seal them until I get rice.

I am so tired of being stressed about things. I am missing out on so much with working full time and just want to be home with my family. I can do this. I need to do this.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Day 231-August 19, 2014

I am getting stressed out even more. I have been trying to market my plastic canvas crafts and no one seems to want to buy anything. I am thinking about the no sew items and polymer clay items but have to see how much that will cost to start and how hard it is to do. I am also looking for ideas that are not sales related for business ideas. I really don't want to do direct sales again. Nothing comes of it. I am tired of working for someone else. I was looking online about polymer clay ideas and I can make jewelry out of it so that is appealing to me. Just wondering if I am really that creative. I have to get something going my way or I will never meet my goal by the end of the year.

Today is my one year anniversary at my day job. I still like the job but like I said before, I don't want to work for someone else the rest of my life. I just wish I knew what to do.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Day 230-August 18, 2014

Didn't work on anything last night after the vendor show Saturday. Had to recover from the heat exhaustion. Feeling better today though. Tonight it is on to a new project. Don't know what I will make yet but thinking about making the candle holder that I have been planning out. That should not take me long to do. I am also going to take stock of the items that I have made that were at the show on display and start selling them on Facebook. Hoping to make a little cash and if I can then I will reward myself with a pedicure with my sister in law this Friday. Still looking at other things to add to my website but have to figure out the material price and decide what to price them at.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Day 229-August 17, 2014

Today is the day after my vendor show. I'm sunburnt but not in any pain. I am however fighting a headache and not feeling well. I'm sitting on the couch taking a day to myself watching a movie and watching the grandbaby sleep. This just reminds me of why I want to do this. 

Day 228-August 16, 2014

Had my first vendor show and didn't get any orders but did get some cards out there. Now just to see if any leads develop. I am going to have a flash sale sometime this week to sell off the items I have left. It was fun but I am sunburnt and feel sick from the heat

Friday, August 15, 2014

Day 227-August 15, 2014

Tomorrow is my first vendor show. I have finished the Alabama Checkbook cover and almost done with the Tennessee one. I am going to make some ribbon pins and more key fobs tonight and the candle holder too. I will be up all night but I don't care. It will get done. I can also make the key fobs and ribbon pins tomorrow while I am sitting there too. I will he talking to people and getting orders and also need to get a receipt book for tomorrow so if they pay me for an order that is customized then I will be able to write and receipt. My customer for the checkbook covers will be picking them up tomorrow at the show.

I am getting more and more nervous. I still have several things to do but it will get done. Maybe this will get my name out there. I will ask mom about printing some things for me to put in a binder so that I can show what I can make that I won't have there. Just have to breathe.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Day 226-August 14, 2014

Sitting in my car on lunch working on the Alabama checkbook cover. Then to finish the Tennessee one. Getting more and more nervous about Saturday. This is a good thing. I hope. 

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Day 225-August 13, 2014

Started the Tennessee checkbook cover last night and started the Alabama one today. Should have them done tonight and start the candle holder. Then I will make key fobs and awareness ribbons. Going to make yellow, pink, and multicolor for troops support, breast cancer, and autism awareness. I really can't wait. Now I just hope I have the booth fee to do it. 

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Day 224-August 12, 2014

Last night I finished putting the tissue box cover together and tonight I have to start the two checkbook covers that a customer paid for. She is meeting me at the vendor show Saturday to pick them up. They should not take long to do. I was going to start them last night but after my stepdaughter moving in with our grandbaby she decided that she didn't want to be with us because we would not let her just get her GED but were making her get her diploma. We want her to be able to do better and have the best chance of succeeding that we can give her but she wants to do things her way. She has the means of doing things with us but her mom will let her do whatever she wants to do so she is torn between being told what to do with us and getting her catered to with her mom. Tough decision for a 17 year old mom of a 2 month old.

I am trying hard to concentrate on what I need to get done for the weekend but it is really hard. Part of me feels like just giving up and the rest of me tells me to keep going. Between the depression, stress, and fighting off panic attacks I don't know what to do. Do I give up or do I push forward? Do hubby and I tell stepdaughter that we will let her get her GED just so we can know her and the baby are taken care of?

Seems like the more we try the more things stack against us. I keep hearing everyone telling me to pray about it. That is all I have done and still things get worse. My heart is just broken and I don't think I can take it anymore.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Day 223-August 11, 2014

Five days left to get things done. I am stressing out and then my depression is kicking in. Feeling like I am never going to meet my goals. This car show will be good exposure for me. I am so ready for it to be here but still have a couple of things to make. My stepdaughter is looking at some of the military patterns and so have I. Thinking about making a few things and putting them on the website as well. She is wanting to make no sew blankets so I told her that I would help her since I know how to do it. Then I would set her up a PayPal with a card and a website for her to help her along. I have the Ladies Night tissue box cover done but just have to finish putting it together. That should not take but about five minutes and then I am starting on a Tennessee Candle holder. That one is going to be my favorite to do. I will also do a mini block calendar of Tennessee to set up. We have about 30 small things done to sell but need more. We can set those out to sell and make more while we are sitting there so that is not a problem. I have an order to complete too this week of two checkbook covers. One of Tennessee and one of Alabama. Those are already paid for.

I still have my boot camp going and thinking about starting a second one just to help bring a little money in. The more I think about it the more I am thinking about instead of Tennessee candle holder looking at doing a pink ribbon candle holder. We also are making some awareness ribbon pins. Those are not hard to make and they don't take long to do.

I hate when my depression starts getting to me. It makes me want to just give up. I know I have to keep going. The more I get my name out there the more I get orders and the closer I am to my goal. Every bit of money that I make right now will be for building my stepdaughter's room but then after that it will be to get a little cushion that hubby won't know about so that I can start saving to quit my job. Between my orders and his baseball we should be good.

Day 222-August 10, 2014

Less than a week and we have a few things made for the car show. It has been slow go getting things done with getting my stepdaughter and grandbaby settled in. I am tired but I think that is just the stress of getting things done. My stepdaughter is helping me get things done for the car show Saturday. It helps a lot having someone help me but we still have a couple of things to make for display and then we will spend the rest of the time making little things like key fobs and prayer in a pocket and little things like that to make a little cash. It is a $25 booth fee so I need to at least make that much back. I think that we will but we will also be telling about the things that we can make and also let them know that we have a website but that we can also customize the items.

Day 221-August 9, 2014

Being Saturday hubby took me stepdaughter to the store to talk to a manager buddy of his about her getting a job. She as her interview Monday morning. She and I worked on looking at patterns and finished a tissue box cover for the display on Saturday. Still stressing out and wanting to reach my goals but now a new goal is upon us. My stepdaughter has decided to join my business while taking care of her child, working part time and getting her GED. She is helping me get enough orders together and getting them filled to get enough money saved to build on a bedroom for her so she is not sharing with her sister.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Day 220-August 8, 2014

Well, I didn't work on anything last night but did get an order for two tissue box covers last night. They are normally $15 each but instead of $30 I only charged her $25 since she ordered 2. One is of the San Francisco 49'ers and the other is one of hues of purple and blue. I have the perfect colors for that one.

Although I have not worked on things in a couple of days with babysitting the grandbaby and kids getting back in school with the workings going on this morning at my day job it is making me more determined to get things done and get out of this place. I have to revise my list of what I need and then we will go from there. I have to cut the pieces tonight for the ribbon pins and get the girls started on them. Those are pretty easy and then make more of the little things. Just have to get them going. I think I might make some of the team colors.

I did get an order for one of my block calendars from one of the guys in my stepson's unit for Ole Miss but I didn't charge him. Unit sons get freebies. That is a rule with me.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Day 219-August 7,2014

I didn't get to work on anything for watching the grandbaby so my stepdaughter could have her birthday with her friends. So glad she is having fun. I really need to work on things tonight. I got an order yesterday for customized tissue box covers which is not a problem. I'll get things done. But for now I'm at my day job. 

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Day 218-August 6, 2014

Well my stepdaughter turned 17 today and I am very proud of the woman that she has become. She has made some very hard adult decisions these last couple of days but is a trooper.

I worked on a couple of things last night for a little while but still have tons more to do. I have added more items to my website in the hopes that I can get some money coming in. I really want to get to being my own boss and not working somewhere where people that are not my boss think that they are and can tell me what to do. I don't like that one bit. But you do what you have to do, right?

I cleaned out my friends list on Facebook because most of the people are looking for sales just like me and it is basically beating a dead horse. I will be working on more things today. Just have to get them going as soon as I get home.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Day 217-August 5, 2014

Today is a rough day. I was up late last night working on a tissue box cover for the show and then today my grandmother has been gone 13 years. I miss her. She was always the voice of reason for me. I just have to keep her in my thoughts today (like everyday) knowing she is here with me and watching me along my journey. I hope I am making her proud. Lord knows I have her temper and stubbornness.

I will finish the tissue box cover tonight and start on the next one. I still have to get more material since I am almost out. We will see.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Day 216-August 4, 2014

Hubby is taking the kids this morning to register for school. I am at my day job. I am trying to get more ideas for what to make and sell. I think I need some smaller bags to put the items in that I am making. I am only selling the small things like key fobs and then have things on display. Just making a little money but the point is to get people to the website. I can't wait to get my business actually going. I have my website but that is not enough. I am in the process of making several things but it will take time. I am going to have a contest too. Just don't know what it will be. I am going to have a drawing for one of the items that I make just to get info for a mailing list. Just have to get the slips made. Maybe use the index cards since they are cheap and I can write them all out. Should have had my stepdaughter help me before she went home. I may recruit her to help me at the show and also help me make things. I am thinking about when I get paid getting her some yarn and some canvas sent to her house and some patterns so that she can make some money and let her start her own shop to make some money. I will talk to her about it. She needs something to get her going.

Day 215-August 3, 2014

I worked on the key fobs and finished those and will start the tissue box covers next. I am making a bunch of small things and will sell them at the vendor show and then have some things larger just for display. I guess that is not different than having your kit to display with these direct sales companies. That was hubby's idea. I want to make several more things in the coming week and a half that I have to get things made. I am going to be so tired. I messaged my friend that is having the vendor show about if the booth was still available and he told me that it was just to make as much as I could and just pay him for the booth when I got there.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Day 214-August 2, 2014

I spent some of the day working on key fobs but didn't get a lot done. I am working on it some tomorrow to. I am going to get more things put on my website but have to get things made too. I am so exhausted and to the point my head is killing me.

I had a woman text me today trying to get me to sign up under her to sell sex toys. It is one thing to offer me the opportunity but it is another when I tell you that I am not interested to keep trying to tell me why I should do it but never once ask why not. I told her that I have sold Avon, Initials Inc and ThirtyOne and could not get parties booked and that in my area, the people I know don't like booking parties. She responded with "well did you tell them this and this?" and I told her yes and that I was in the bible belt but that if I could not get people to book parties for makeup and bags then I would not get parties booked for sex toys. She then told me that makeup and bags are things you can get at any store and that the things that she sold you could not get at the store. I told her that yes you could. They are called porn shops. That didn't work. She still kept pushing and pushing. I finally told her that I was wanting to be a stay at home mom and that I wanted to work for myself. She told me that I would be working for myself. I told her that no I would be working for another company and that I was wanting to get away from working for another company and that I wanted to work for myself and told her that if she is sending money to someone else she is not working for herself. I told her that I was happy with my business and thanked her again for the offer and just stopped responding to her.

I have done direct sales and one thing I never did was push people to join my team. Don't be pushy. And through the entire conversation she never once asked what it would take for me to join a company or why I didn't want to sign up. Never once. Well, I am getting so tired even just writing this. I think I am going to head to bed.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Day 213-August 1, 2014

I am so exhausted today but it is Friday so that means I get to craft all weekend and get some things done that I have been putting off for the website. I will, from here out, work full time just like my day job to get my website updated. I am going to pick some pictures tonight to use on the website of things I have done before and then make as the orders come in. It is killing me knowing that I am at work when I could be creating.

LadyBug Boxes (bags) go live today. They will be $20 not but I hope that they get going good. All of the things I make from here out are not only going on the website but also for the vendor show I am hoping to do on the 16th so that gives me 2 weeks to create like a maniac to get things done.