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Friday, August 15, 2014

Day 227-August 15, 2014

Tomorrow is my first vendor show. I have finished the Alabama Checkbook cover and almost done with the Tennessee one. I am going to make some ribbon pins and more key fobs tonight and the candle holder too. I will be up all night but I don't care. It will get done. I can also make the key fobs and ribbon pins tomorrow while I am sitting there too. I will he talking to people and getting orders and also need to get a receipt book for tomorrow so if they pay me for an order that is customized then I will be able to write and receipt. My customer for the checkbook covers will be picking them up tomorrow at the show.

I am getting more and more nervous. I still have several things to do but it will get done. Maybe this will get my name out there. I will ask mom about printing some things for me to put in a binder so that I can show what I can make that I won't have there. Just have to breathe.

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