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Monday, August 25, 2014

Day 236-August 24, 2014

I have not accomplished anything all weekend. I did, however, drag out my sewing basket that has most of my supplies in it but have not opened it. So much for progress. I was not feeling well again this weekend but have attributed that to stress. I need to get the negative people out of my life. Just have to concentrate on the positive. I need some major changes in my life. I am going to have no choice but to put all of my attention on my little ones and my business. It is really hard when you have to it all on your own.

I have to buckle down tonight and create a few things and I have to get my items from the vendor show on my website to sell and get some business generated there. I am just so tired and to my breaking point. I will sit down tonight also and get a new game plan together. Maybe create my catalog and go from there. I want to get into something that will sell but have to figure out how to get the money together. I know I can do it if I had the money to get all that I need.

I did create a gofundme account so maybe there will be some people to help me out there. I know I can get all that I need for $1000 to get started. That would buy me a sewing machine and all the fabric, batting, and thread that I need as well as help me get advertising done. I just have to get it together. From here out everything that I sell goes into my paypal account and is not touched except for the money needed to ship the items. I have to save some money up.

I am also going to talk to some friends about helping me get the word out about my gofundme account and my website to see if I can get any bites. I need to make my to-do list so that I can get started as soon as I get home from my day job. I have to stay positive but just don't know how.

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