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Monday, August 11, 2014

Day 223-August 11, 2014

Five days left to get things done. I am stressing out and then my depression is kicking in. Feeling like I am never going to meet my goals. This car show will be good exposure for me. I am so ready for it to be here but still have a couple of things to make. My stepdaughter is looking at some of the military patterns and so have I. Thinking about making a few things and putting them on the website as well. She is wanting to make no sew blankets so I told her that I would help her since I know how to do it. Then I would set her up a PayPal with a card and a website for her to help her along. I have the Ladies Night tissue box cover done but just have to finish putting it together. That should not take but about five minutes and then I am starting on a Tennessee Candle holder. That one is going to be my favorite to do. I will also do a mini block calendar of Tennessee to set up. We have about 30 small things done to sell but need more. We can set those out to sell and make more while we are sitting there so that is not a problem. I have an order to complete too this week of two checkbook covers. One of Tennessee and one of Alabama. Those are already paid for.

I still have my boot camp going and thinking about starting a second one just to help bring a little money in. The more I think about it the more I am thinking about instead of Tennessee candle holder looking at doing a pink ribbon candle holder. We also are making some awareness ribbon pins. Those are not hard to make and they don't take long to do.

I hate when my depression starts getting to me. It makes me want to just give up. I know I have to keep going. The more I get my name out there the more I get orders and the closer I am to my goal. Every bit of money that I make right now will be for building my stepdaughter's room but then after that it will be to get a little cushion that hubby won't know about so that I can start saving to quit my job. Between my orders and his baseball we should be good.

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