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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Day 242-August 30, 2014

I cut the pieces for the order for the tissue box covers last night and then this morning went to get a mani/pedi with my soon to be sister in law and she asked me to be a bridesmaid. Yay! It was the first time that I have ever had a mani or a pedi and it was amazing. I am so much more relaxed. Then on top of that we had a nice long talk about how to survive the mother in law. I am going to get the pattern done on one of the side pieces and then I can use the completed piece to use as a guide for the other pieces. I want to have them done and ready to deliver Tuesday when we go back to work after the Labor Day holiday.

I will get them done by then. I have faith. I still have to get the other items on the website. Then need to start advertising. I am going to add some hand sewn items too once I get some things done.

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