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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Day 214-August 2, 2014

I spent some of the day working on key fobs but didn't get a lot done. I am working on it some tomorrow to. I am going to get more things put on my website but have to get things made too. I am so exhausted and to the point my head is killing me.

I had a woman text me today trying to get me to sign up under her to sell sex toys. It is one thing to offer me the opportunity but it is another when I tell you that I am not interested to keep trying to tell me why I should do it but never once ask why not. I told her that I have sold Avon, Initials Inc and ThirtyOne and could not get parties booked and that in my area, the people I know don't like booking parties. She responded with "well did you tell them this and this?" and I told her yes and that I was in the bible belt but that if I could not get people to book parties for makeup and bags then I would not get parties booked for sex toys. She then told me that makeup and bags are things you can get at any store and that the things that she sold you could not get at the store. I told her that yes you could. They are called porn shops. That didn't work. She still kept pushing and pushing. I finally told her that I was wanting to be a stay at home mom and that I wanted to work for myself. She told me that I would be working for myself. I told her that no I would be working for another company and that I was wanting to get away from working for another company and that I wanted to work for myself and told her that if she is sending money to someone else she is not working for herself. I told her that I was happy with my business and thanked her again for the offer and just stopped responding to her.

I have done direct sales and one thing I never did was push people to join my team. Don't be pushy. And through the entire conversation she never once asked what it would take for me to join a company or why I didn't want to sign up. Never once. Well, I am getting so tired even just writing this. I think I am going to head to bed.

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