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Friday, August 29, 2014

Day 241-August 29, 2014

Here it is Friday and we have a three day weekend. That means three days for a crafting marathon. I did get an order from a coworker for two tissue box covers. One is going to have blues and purples and one will be the 49er's. She has already paid me for them which is good. I can get them done this weekend and still make a couple of more things.

I am looking forward to resting this weekend and getting some things done. I am also going to plan a test class to see if I can get people interested in the class. I will still be making things to put on my website. I will just be glad when things get really rolling. I know with the cold season coming up and the holidays I can get started on some ornament sets. I am thinking about also making small ornaments for the kids classes for Christmas. I might make goody bags though. But for now I am making the order for my coworker and then making the heat cool packs, hand warmers, and coffee cozies like I have been wanting to make.

I can't wait until the day that I get to tell my boss that I quit. Not because I will be leaving this job but because I will be accomplishing my goal. Hopefully that day will not be far off.

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