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Friday, August 8, 2014

Day 220-August 8, 2014

Well, I didn't work on anything last night but did get an order for two tissue box covers last night. They are normally $15 each but instead of $30 I only charged her $25 since she ordered 2. One is of the San Francisco 49'ers and the other is one of hues of purple and blue. I have the perfect colors for that one.

Although I have not worked on things in a couple of days with babysitting the grandbaby and kids getting back in school with the workings going on this morning at my day job it is making me more determined to get things done and get out of this place. I have to revise my list of what I need and then we will go from there. I have to cut the pieces tonight for the ribbon pins and get the girls started on them. Those are pretty easy and then make more of the little things. Just have to get them going. I think I might make some of the team colors.

I did get an order for one of my block calendars from one of the guys in my stepson's unit for Ole Miss but I didn't charge him. Unit sons get freebies. That is a rule with me.

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