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Monday, March 31, 2014

Day 90-March 31, 2014

Here it is the end of the month and I have spent the evening with the kids while hubby has gone fishing with his dad. I took care of some things around the house and am ready for bed. We had JuJuBelle training tonight about displays and how to present yourself. I learned a lot from that training. I am still thinking about the coaching idea. The more I think about it the more I think it might be a good idea. I am going to ask around and look some things up tomorrow and see about getting started and see what I would need to do.

Day 89-March 30, 2014

We started the boot camp and I issued the first challenge. They have until next Sunday morning to get it all in my email to move to the next week. We will see how it goes. I charged a $25 fee and everyone that finishes gets a free pendant from me to commemorate their completion. I am still looking at being a coach. Someone else suggested that I become a coach. I am really thinking about it. That may be the path I am supposed to take. We will see.

Day 88-March 29, 201

It is almost the end of March and I am not really any closer to where I need to be than I was before. I now have my own car and my husband now has my old car. Now I don't have to worry about planning everything around his schedule. I can plan things on my own. Now just to get some meetings set up.

Day 87-March 28, 2014

I started looking into doing some direct sales coaching. I started a boot camp and ended up with ten ladies enrolled. I have started issuing the challenges and thinking about making this my business instead of be a consultant with a direct sales company. I am still going to do the company that I am with but really looking into this one. We will see how it goes.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Day 86-March 27, 2014

I am taking a couple of days off and getting some things taken care of. I have been looking at mine and hubby's situation. I work my full time job on first shift and he umpires baseball on second shift. We have only one car and that is just not working for us anymore. We talked about it and have decided that we have not choice but to get a second car so after talking about it we are going car shopping tomorrow. Hubby is taking the car we currently have and the new one will be mine. I love my hubby. He spoils me so much.

After we get done car shopping I will be coming home and getting back to the grind on my JuJuBelle. I am going to have a sale on Facebook and hopefully will get some orders. I can't wait. Then if there is enough money left then I am going to get my hair done. I have not had a hair cut in over 2 years. It is time for one. New things are coming. I will update more tomorrow on that though. 

Tomorrow night I am going to figure out what I need to have in sales each month to get to my goal to be able to make with JuJuBelle on a steady basis to be able to do it full time and work from home. Then I will get with my upline to see what I can do to get to that point by the end of the year. I will update tomorrow when I get it figured out.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Day 85-March 26, 2014

I have not talked to hubby about buying the sets yet but I have been throwing around a couple of ideas. I know I am going to order a small amount of fobs and charms as I go. I am also about to start trying to book Princess Parties and thinking about throwing my oldest daughter one for her 10th bday party in a couple of months.

Day 84-March 25, 2014

I am thinking about talking to hubby about getting some items and making designed sets and selling them. Doing that will cost me a little up front but then I can set up at his games and sell them and make my money back as well as a little profit. I just have to find out where they get the JuJuBelle backgrounds and bags and then start pricing everything of what it would cost and how much it would cost me.

Day 83-March 24, 2014

I have been throwing around some ideas to help me get sales. I am going to have a $10 sale and have the customers send the money to my PayPal account so that I can have it sent to me and mail it from there so that I can put something personal in the package. Doing it this way will give me my discount and will also save them shipping and tax but the total should cover the shipping and tax. We will see.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Day 82-March 23, 2014

Spent some quality time with  hubby today and picked the kids up from my mom's. Didn't get much accomplished today but I have not been feeling well. Borderline migraine doesn't make for a good day. I will be back straight at it tomorrow.

Day 81-March 22, 2014

Hubby and I took the kids to meet my mom for the night and we had a night out. Just out of habit I put a couple of my JuJuBelle Catalogs in my purse. I started seeing that the karaoke host was wearing a top that had a bling skull on it as well as a bracelet, earrings, and ring of bling skulls. Then I told her that I had a pendant that would go wonderful with it and gave her a catalog and then her friend saw me give her one and asked for one. I hope they call me to order or place one on the website. I also talked to the bartender and she told me that she was wanting to add to her order.

Day 80-March 21, 2014

I started talking to some people tonight about doing a Pink Lady Boot Camp. I created the group and the agenda and have three people in it so far. I am going to keep trying until the 31st. My goal is to have 25 people and paying $25 each for the 12 weeks of challenges. Hopefully I can get enough to do this one. We will see how it goes and if I can get some people in it I will keep it at $25 but if not then I will lower the price for the other ones.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Day 79-March 20, 2014

I got the event started to get people interested in the Pink Lady Boot Camp. I have one that has signed up and another that will in the morning. I hope that this works out. Tomorrow I plan to get my labels ready for my new books and to make "old catalog" labels for my old catalogs. I will decorate a box to put them in while sitting at hubby's baseball games with a sign that says to ask me for a catalog. I also need to make the sign. I am going to make a list of the addresses around me as well as a list of the doctors offices, nail, hair, and tanning salons to send flyers to. Then start mailing them off.

Day 78-March 19, 2014

I have posted about the boot camp. I have decided that it is actually going to happen. It will be 12 weeks of challenges ranging from getting started to recruiting and parties. It is going to be fun and also have everyone that completes it will get a pendant from me.

Day 77-March 18, 2014

I have the idea of doing a Pink Lady Boot Camp. I will have 25 spots and $25 fee with one rep per company. I also have the Belle's Brunch package to offer to some people online.

Day 76-March 17, 2014

Didn't do much because it is my wedding anniversary. 13 crazy years with my wonderful hubby. We went out to eat and spent some time together. Will resume tomorrow.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Day 75-March 16, 2014

It has been a somber day. I worked a little on JuJuBelle but have been a little out of sorts. I lost my Aunt one year ago today to her second battle with Breast Cancer. I miss her so much. Hubby took me to a little pub down from the house while the kids were at church and I started talking to one of the ladies there and showing her a catalog and she placed an order. Said she would pay me this coming weekend when she gets paid. I told her that was fine. It was just a $12 order but still an order.

Day 74-March 15, 2014

My oldest daughter is with my mother-in-law while my youngest daughter is with me and her daddy at his baseball tournament. I am wearing a JuJuBelle piece and hanging out talking to people. I also have my mobile office with me so that I can get some planning done.

Day 73-March 14, 2014

It is Friday night and hubby and I are having date night. The kids are with my in-laws while we are at dinner. We have had so much fun these last couple of days. We are getting along better and he is being more supportive than before. This is a good start to getting to where we want to be.

Day 72-March 13, 2014

I had someone message me on Facebook about joining my team and placing an order but every time she tells me she wants to she always tells me...tomorrow. We will see.

Day 71-March 12, 2014

We didn't do anything tonight because the girls had a derby race at the church. Both my girls came in 2nd in their divisions. This is why I want to be a stay at home mom so that I can participate in things like this.

Day 70-March 11, 2014

I had a Facebook friend ask me about a party trade. She is with It Works and has been trying to get me to join her team but I am happy with JuJuBelle. We did, however, trade parties and have them set up on FB.

Day 69-March 10, 2014

Not much happened today. Listened to a training call about vendor events. I am going to look into vendor events but not until I get more product to show and get some stands to put them on. I have been writing some ideas down to make a little extra money. I know next week JuJuBelle is going to start having challenges to help us reach goals so may that will help.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Day 68-March 9, 2014

I have decided to have my own Belle's Brunch to get people together and there are only 10 spots and each spot is $25. I will provide brunch and each person will get their own necklace and even a personalized pendent. It is set for April 12th at 2pm and we will see how this goes.

Day 67-March 8, 2014

Hubby was at his tournament all day until late and the kids were at a Princess Tea Party at church and then to a friends house all day. I had the entire day to myself to get things done. I cleaned up the house a little and get some JuJuBelle work done.

I have a couple of events going on Facebook and we will see how these go.

Day 66-March 7, 2014

I came home from work and didn't do a whole lot but spend time with the family. Helped hubby get his things together for a tournament this weekend. We watched a movie and crashed out early.

Day 65-March 6, 2014

I wrote down some ideas to help me get orders and to raise my rank in the company. I am still trying to get a couple of people to sign up under me and still get $500 in orders by the end of the month. Here are some of the ideas I have.

Belle's Brunch---10 spots open and spots are $25 each but they get personalized items as well as brunch and one of them will get the hostess incentives.

Princess Party---There are 3 packages ($10, $15, and $20 per person) and they get their own necklace and the day girl gets hers for free.

Bunny Hop---four people get $100 in orders and then one of those 4 get  the hostess incentives.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Day 64-March 5, 2014

I had my orthopedist appointment this morning for my fractured foot.  Doctor sale NO MORE BOOT! I have posted some of the pictures that I have of the items and now will post some of the ones that are from the new catalog. Also, we had hubby's umpire banquet tonight and we had a blast. Didn't do much networking though.

We have been challenged to step out of our comfort zones and do something that we have trouble doing. Mine is talking to people and giving out the catalogs. I will start carrying mine with me and maybe get somewhere.

Day 63-March 4, 2014

Didn't do much today. I did set up the raffle event for my friend so hopefully we will get something out of that. I have it set up to get her the kit and to get someone a free charm. I am going to look at some sets to put together and sell at hubby's games.

I am also having my own Facebook online party. We will see how it goes.

Day 62-March 3, 2014

I talked to a couple of people that were wanting to sign up under me. I have one under me already. There are a couple that are thinking about it and one that does not have the money. I told her that I would do a raffle to help her raise the money to get started.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Day 61-March 2, 2014

Here it is Sunday and I am sitting at the house with the kids while hubby is at the second day of his tournament. I have been posting some things from JuJuBelle on Facebook today and looking at my next goal. I met my month 1 goal of $250 in sales. Month 2 is $500 in sales by the end of the month. That means that I have 28 more days to get $500 in sales. That is $18 per day. I think that should be easy but I need to get with my upline to get some ideas on how to do that. I am going to meet this goal. The I will start planning for the next month goal. I will then start increasing my goal each month. Glad I have an upline that cares enough to help me.

Day 60-March 1, 2014

Here I am 60 days in and things are still progressing. I have added one member to my team so that is a positive thing. I gave the girls 20 items each to sell at the tournament for $1 each. By the time they were done they had $14 each sold. They did really good. Didn't take long to get them sold either. Not only that but I figured out that people just cannot tell two little girls I am trying to figure out a way to get my name out there a little more and try to get some brunches booked.

Day 59-February 28, 2014

Things are better today. Going to hubby's ball tournament tomorrow with him and the girls and I have given the girls some of the small things I have made to the girls so that they can walk around and sell them to make them a little money. Trying to show my girls what work ethics are. We will see how they do.

Day 58-February 27, 2014

Had kind of a rough day. Having issues with my depression and anxiety but still need to keep faith. I am trying to stay positive but it is really hard sometimes. I just have to get my head straight.