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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Day 61-March 2, 2014

Here it is Sunday and I am sitting at the house with the kids while hubby is at the second day of his tournament. I have been posting some things from JuJuBelle on Facebook today and looking at my next goal. I met my month 1 goal of $250 in sales. Month 2 is $500 in sales by the end of the month. That means that I have 28 more days to get $500 in sales. That is $18 per day. I think that should be easy but I need to get with my upline to get some ideas on how to do that. I am going to meet this goal. The I will start planning for the next month goal. I will then start increasing my goal each month. Glad I have an upline that cares enough to help me.

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