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Monday, September 22, 2014

Day 264-September 21, 2014

I spent the day taking care of my grandbaby and didn't get anything done other than some advertising online. I have to take stock of what I have material wise and what I need to get the hand warmers done for the kids. I also have been thinking about making the long neck warmers for the teachers. They will not be that hard to make now that I have the sewing machine. I will mainly be using it on the weekends since we have such a small area and it would be loud until I can get hubby to build me a sewing room. It would really help if I had a craft room. That way I could store everything in there and work in there and not bother anyone else in the house. Hubby will be gone on the weekends so my weeks will be filled with cutting things out and getting things prepped but then weekends will be filled with sewing and then I can also fill the items that need filled during the week and hand sew the parts closed.

I am thinking about getting the materials to make my kids and grandbaby blankets. I have the patterns for some things that would fit them. I can make one of the Tennessee Vols for my son. My oldest and middle daughter would like the girly things. My youngest daughter and grandbaby would like the Dutch Dolls patterns. I can embroider each square using the quilting patterns that I have. All I have to do is draw them out onto the fabric from tracing them off the book. I did something like that before and it turned out pretty good. I love to embroider and have always wanted to quilt. I cannot wait to get started. I know if I tell hubby what materials I need that he will go pick everything up for me (I can trust him to get things right) and that means more time for me to actually work on it.

He works weekends and I work during the week so he can pick things up for me while I am at work. But first, let's get the hand warmers done.

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