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Friday, September 19, 2014

Day 262-September 19, 2014

I started posting on Facebook about the Boot Camp starting next weekend. I have several people talking to me about getting more info but we will see how many I end up with. I have one that is sending her money in tonight and waiting on about 30 more to respond if they are interested. I will be working on that all this weekend (with the exception of being at my daughter's track meet in the morning).

I am also going to get started on the bookmarks for the girls and get those done this weekend. Then I will get the ones done for the boys and in the mean time be looking for my crochet hook. I am bound and determined to get as many talents under my belt as possible for my business. I have been looking at some things that can be crocheted as well as sewn and will be working on those things. I am going to stop at Goodwill and see if they have any sewing machines and if not then I will be looking online for something simple to order. I am feeling positive today and have a new determination. I WILL MEET MY GOAL.

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