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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Day 253-September 10, 2014

I decided that my next project was going to definitely be the bookmarks for the kids' classes. I need to get them started now so that I have plenty of time to do them. I am also trying to get people for my next boot camp since there is only one more week of this one. I still want to do my classes but need to make sure I have a place to have them first. I am still not feeling well and sleeping even less than the last couple of days.

I am going to be promoting my website more too. I have some things made that I just have to start giving out. I have a pack n pull from Thirty-One that I have put up that I will put in the car with advertisements in it so that when I am in drive thru or out somewhere I can just grab one and go. I am also going to get my signs out that I used that the vendor show and start putting them on my car when it is parked. I might even figure something out where I can hang a bag or box with samples in it on my car with a sign that says take one. I have a cousin that has her own hair salon and I am going to see if she will let me put some samples out in there.

I am going to hand make a bag to hang from the car. Maybe one that I can have hanging from the window like what holds brochures. I will be looking online at designs today and start looking into that. Maybe alter a small tote to have them in. I do have a couple of small bags from Thirty-One that I might use as well.

I am going to be making a list this weekend of the things I need to do to get my name out there. No more days off from my craft business. I have to get serious and get this thing going.

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