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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Day 261-September 18, 2014

So far no bites on the classes but that is okay. I am going to start trying to get boot camp started again this evening and try to start the kids' book marks tonight. I have to make 40 of them plus the teachers gifts by December. I am looking into a few other things to get me to my goal and to help bring money into the house.

I am also looking at some other things to do to get my name out there. There have been several hits on my website but no orders. I am going to start blasting on Facebook and Twitter that I can do centerpieces and party favors. Maybe get some things going that way. I am planning on asking one of the girls I did party favors for a couple years ago if she still has the pictures of the things I made. I am going to do some baby themed door hangers and see about posting them at the local labor and delivery departments at the hospitals.

I need to make a list of places around town and then mail fliers to them showing things that I make in the theme of what they offer. Like, doctor's offices and have things that are nurse and doctor themed or stylists and have items that are beauty themed. I have a ton of ideas but it is just getting them out there.

I am also thinking about offering a mailing service where direct sales reps email me their address and the flier for the month and I mail to the addresses around them. I think I am going to make party favors for my youngest daughter's birthday party and also send some to their Sunday school classes. I am thinking about finding out how many of the women there are at the church and making poinsettia or Christmas pins for them and have the kids in the Sunday school classes give them out. If I can do things like this to let people see what I do then maybe I can get some orders.

I am going to mail fliers and advertise lapel pins for events and things like that. I am also going to look into organizations and see if I can offer services like awareness ribbon pins and things like that. Like I said, I have so many ideas but it is just getting out there and doing them. I will also go around and put fliers on cars and find something to hang from the car window that has samples in it with a sign that says "Free Take One." I have a flag that flies from my car window so I can also hang a bag from it saying to take one. I am also going to make a sign to put on the windows of my car advertising my business. I will make a poster advertising my business and get a window visor and put it between the window and the visor.

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