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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Day 257-September 14, 2014

Okay. I didn't get to work on anything when I came home. We ended up with company showing up and not leaving until this morning. I have my canvas out and about to start on the checkbook cover and then start cutting out pieces for the book marks. I am going to do the ones for the boys first since I know what I am doing for them. I was looking online and thinking about getting some of the tumblers and putting pampering items in them for the Pink Lady Project. Instead of bags that they might not be able to use I am going to use tumblers with the straws so that they can have something to drink out of while having treatments. There is a website called that I can use where people can buy t-shirts and the money gets donated to the cause. I am going to do an event on FB where I can get people to do it in their hometowns too. I want this to be huge!

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