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Monday, September 8, 2014

Day 251-September 8, 2014

I am not feeling very well today so I am going to start looking at the pattern for my next project tonight. I don't know what to make but I am thinking about bookmarks for the kids in my girls' classes. The teachers will like that. Then I have to make something for the teacher as well.

I got to Face Time with my son for almost 2 hours yesterday so that helped some. I really just want to be home on the couch working on things.

I have decided that I am going to get a ton of things made and then go to the flea market on the weekends to sell my crafts. Half the money will go to getting more materials and the other half will go to putting back to rent a place when I get more things made. I am thinking about cutting out some monster parts tonight or some parts for owl cell phone cases as well.

I saw a cousin yesterday at the family reunion that I have not seen in years (since we were kids) and we were so close back then. She is battling Breast Cancer so I wanted to see her and my great aunt that is getting up in years. Seeing those two made me think last night. I have to do all that I can and stay positive to reach my goals. I cannot let a day pass me by without telling those around me that I love them. Then talking to my son reiterated that.

As ill as I feel today, I will make it a point to make one thing (at least) per week. No matter what it is.

I am still getting all of the details worked out to get my craft classes started. I want to do the plastic canvas and hand sewing and embroidery. All by hand. I will post more about the classes tonight on Facebook.

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