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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Day 246-September 3, 2014

I am almost done with my coworker's order and about ready to deliver it. I am also still looking at doing my classes and doing my boot camp. I was thinking about writing a book and trying to get it published myself and see how that goes but that is a long time from now. I have less than four months to get to my goal. After that, I will still be continuing my blog to help keep me motivated. Hubby asked me last night what I was going to do about my classes and I told him that I was still looking at all the details of it and going to do a test class to see how they go. I am going to start tonight to get the next boot camp going. Any money from here out that I make on the boot camp goes into savings where we will have it during hubby's off time.

I was talking to hubby about the classes and decided that instead of $20 I would charge $25 so that I could make sure that I had enough to still stock up on my supplies to cover the classes. Hubby was joking that I needed to sell my patterns. I was thinking about that too but don't know. I am looking for any way to get to my goal. I just need to get out of here.

This job was good when I first started here but now it is a joke. I am catching my supervisor's mistakes instead of the other way around and having to teach her more than she is teaching me. There is no room for advancement here either. I will not be stuck being an assistant all my life.

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