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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Day 301-October 28, 2014

Tuesday morning and I feel a little better than yesterday. I did accomplish most of the things on my $35,000 list. I made a new one and will put it on a post it note to keep on my planner to see all the time. I also called and spoke to my Director last night and she was telling me that to place my first $225 order that I need $450 in retail sales. I have $112.55 so that leaves $337.45 so she told me to sell 5 Satin Hands Sets and that would get me there. She told me that for my first "party" that $112.55 was a good start. And I have contact info for six new customers including my hostess. Those are leads and not a bad start to them either.

I told my Director that I made my list and that I read the book and she told me that most Consultants don't read the book and that she has seen that the ones that do seem to grasp the concept of Mary Kay better. While I was meeting with my hostess we started sharing ideas and are talking about doing a few things together. I explained to my Director that my goal was to set up and give out info at hubby's tournaments next season and she said that we could not sell at those but it was a great way to get leads. I told her my goal was to get pampering sessions booked from them. The sales would come after that. I also want to save up and have hubby build me an office. Not just an office but a place where I can hold these sessions if a hostess tells me she doesn't have room in her home. I know I can get him to build it. But first things first. Once I start getting sessions booked and get the orders coming in I will be able to get to my ultimate goal of being a sahm.

My daughter has a field trip today to the Nature Center and I would have loved to have gone with her but having to work, I couldn't. She told me last night that she understood and then her and her little sister asked me what they needed to do to help me be able to. I love that my kids and my hubby are being so supportive. Seems like we are all getting closer now and that is one of the things I wanted was a better relationship with my family.

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