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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Day 288-October 15, 2014

We had a conference call last night and we have a couple of challenges. We have to get 5-6 women to do bag parties where we give them an envelope for the money and we give them a book and order form and go from there. They have to get $100 + tax from at least 5-6 of their family and friends with contact info. This will also help get the money together for more inventory so that we can go from there. Then we have to book classes off of those that order from us. Every one that books a class gets in a drawing for $100 in free product and they get their name entered once for booking and then once for every guest they invite and then the drawing will be the middle of next month.

I am also challenged to get at least 2 people over for a class to practice. I am challenged to make goody bags with info in them to hand out at the Halloween party at the church to the moms. I am also wanting to make bags up to put in baskets and ask if I can set the basket up at my cousin's salon. I also want to talk to a couple of ladies about taking baskets of goody bags to their offices and see what happens.

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