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Monday, October 6, 2014

Day 277-October 4, 2014

I didn't work on my crafts because football was on. I had been up most of the night before because my stepdaughter was at the ER because of being dehydrated only to find out that she was pregnant again (her daughter is only 4 months old...btw) but we are going to handle whatever is thrown at us. I did, however, go over some of the videos on the Mary Kay website and look over the material some. I got an email from my upline telling me about an idea to get sales and said we could tweak it however we wanted. I decided that instead of doing an adopt a senior I would do an adopt a warrior or pink lady project. It will be getting bundles together for ladies with Breast Cancer. I am thinking about recruiting some friends to help me with this. That way I can get it going and tell them that for every order over $50 that someone places with me that an Pink Lady bundle will be donated in their name to a Breast Cancer patient to help pamper them while they are taking treatments. Each bundle will have info on my Aunt that I am basing this around and then go from there.

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