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Friday, October 24, 2014

Day 297-October 24, 2014

Here it is Friday. I have one hostess that I am meeting with on Monday to get the orders that she has collected. She told me last night that she has 3 of the 5 orders that she was asked to get. I told her that she would get one item half off or 10% off of her order whichever was greater. I cannot wait to see what she gets. This will be my first order and I am going to see about using the profits to get things for my inventory. I need to get an inventory built up. But I want to find out what sell best. I am going to email my upline for suggestions. I have an amazing upline and have already gotten more support from them in the three weeks I have been with them than I did the entire time I was with Avon, Initials Inc or Thirty-One.

I am looking forward to some of the things that I have in the works. Like trying for one of the 10 parties in a day. Just have to figure that one out. I will talk to hubby this weekend and see what we can do. He will help me out. He always does.

When I leave my day job today, we are taking the kids to my mom's and leaving for a weekend of baseball tournaments and alone time with hubby. I can't wait.

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