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Monday, October 13, 2014

Day 285-October 12, 2014

Watched movies and curled up on the couch all day but still posted in several groups on Facebook. I thought about a few ideas for getting a customer base but don't know how to go about implementing them. That is what I have an upline for, to get ideas.

I talked to my son most of the day and he gets to come back to the state on Friday. I posted about ordering for others and getting product for free and me even gift wrapping them. Maybe I will get some hits from that. I am going to sit with my computer paper (since I don't have ink right now) and make flyers to post all over town. I am also looking at some other advertising ideas that are inexpensive or free to do as well.

I have been fighting a headache as well as not sleeping. I think it might be time to go to the doctor.

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