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Monday, October 20, 2014

Day 293-October 20, 2014

I will be taking the night off from Mary Kay. I am going to the funeral home with hubby tonight. His best friend lost his mom Saturday to cancer so we are going to show our support. My son has come back to his home base from deployment so he is back on American soil. We might get to see our granddaughter this week too. I will still be posting on FB tonight when I get home but not doing much more than that. I will be doing the same thing on Tuesday but will be going to the funeral Wednesday and then it is back to the MK business.

I am going to sit down and post and message people that I talk to on a regular basis and get people signed up for the emails to get my business going. I am also going to make a list of places to send flyers to. I have set a couple of goals and am on my way to meeting them.

1-Book 3 sales appointments
2-Get 1 recruit
3-Book 2 beauty classes
4-Get 2 new customer orders

I met with a customer yesterday to give her some order forms and a catalog to get orders with. I told her that I would give her one item at half off or 10% in free product, whichever was greater.

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