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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Day 274-October 1, 2014

Well, I still have not gotten to the point where I can quit my job but still working on it. I still have not had anyone sign up for boot camp but one good thing did happen last night. My best friend is a senior consultant with Mary Kay and has been asking me to join her team and I told her I wanted to and that I was going to use some of the money from boot camp to sign up. Well, as a gift to me, because she is the best friend a girl could ask for, she paid for me to sign up. So now I am a Beauty Consultant with Mary Kay! I am actually happy about this. I love their products so why not sell them...right?

Here is what I have planned. There is another rep that is the wife of a friend of mine in this area and I am going to get with her and map out an area of "attack" (so to speak) and plan out our game plan. We are going to help each other with this. I promised her husband I would help her and I am going to do that. I am still going to do my craft business but I am concentrating on this too. I have a great leader in my best friend. Wish me luck.

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