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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Day 295-October 22, 2014

I didn't do anything. Took the day off from my day job (unfortunately don't have vacation days until the first of the year so I don't get paid...another reason I want to be a sahm) but had to take the girls to the dentist for their cleaning, then take them to school. Then I went to the funeral home for Hubby's godmother's funeral with him. I was close to her too so it was emotional for all of us. Then went to spend time with their family for a little while until time to get the kids off the bus from school. After that, I went to the doctor (ours is open late) to find out why I have not gotten rid of this cough after 6 months. The doctor got on to me for not coming in sooner. Come to find out I have severe bronchitis and said that it could have turned into pneumonia. Now I am on antibiotics and steroids. Big fun.

In hind sight I could have taken some goody bags into the dentist and the school but was thinking more about the funeral and getting there on time. It has really been a long day. Tomorrow back to official MK business.

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