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Monday, October 27, 2014

Day 300-October 27, 2014

Monday morning and I am exhausted but in a good mood. We didn't get back until way late last night but it was worth the trip. I have a lot to do today after my day job. I have to meet with a hostess right after work and pick up her orders from her catalog party. I then have to go home and get all the info entered and then get it paid. I will then count my commissions. This will be my first set of orders so I am excited to see how I did. I know it will not be much but it will be a start and that is all I need. All of my commissions are being used to get inventory with. That is money that will not be touched. I can't wait to see how much though. I told my hostess that I would give her 10% off of her order or one item at half off whichever is larger. The thing with my MK business is that I can do it how I want. I will still make money.

I am also going to make my goals list and tonight I will make my affirmations on post it notes and leave them on my planner since it pretty much goes everywhere with me. I have to log my miles too for the meeting so that I can keep up with how many miles I am putting on my car for "work." Let's get this thing started.

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