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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Day 203-July 22, 2014

I sat down yesterday and made a list of things that I thought would be good reminders of self worth. I have had an issue with this most of my life but talking to hubby this past weekend I was reminded that even though I am a wife, mother and grandmother that I am still worth something. I kept forgetting that. I was also thinking about where I wanted to go with my business and while looking around on Facebook, I saw an ad for those subscription beauty boxes and it got me thinking. How about a box that caters to the inner beauty? I started looking at patterns to see what would make me remember my inner goddess and did find a few things. I decided to make "LadyBug Boxes" and they will have $30 in product for $20 and no shipping fee. There is no subscription per month but a one time purchase. These will be on my website starting August 1st. There might be a preorder depending on how things go. Here is what you will find in the LadyBug Box.

  1. Bookmark to remind you that you have your place in this life.
  2. Eyeglass case to remind you that your visions are in reach.
  3. Checkbook cover to keep you balanced.
  4. Key fob to remind you of where you are going.
  5. Prayer in a Pocket to remind you that there is power in prayer.
  6. Cup of Friendship Tea to remind you that you are never alone.
I am really looking forward to releasing these LadyBug Boxes and I hope you love them too.

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