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Friday, July 18, 2014

Day 199-July 18, 2014

Well, I sat with hubby last night and he helped me talk things out and come to a decision. Direct sales is not the route I should be taking. When doing direct sales, I have no control over anything. It is all dependent on parties and people are pretty much partied out. No one wants to have to do all of the things included in throwing a party. Working with my crafts is where my passion lies apparently. The part I liked about direct sales was not having to make the product...only sell it. But I didn't like not having control over how I did things.

With direct sales you have guidelines to follow and certain things you are allowed to do and cannot do. Plus you pretty much do all of the work and then give the money to someone else and wait to get paid. Hubby asked me a question last night that got me thinking. He asked, "Why are you doing direct sales? You are booking parties, getting orders, submitting orders, handing all of the money to someone else and waiting to get paid. If that is the kind of thing you are wanting then why not stay at the job you have where you create and submit orders, file other people's papers, do all of the work and then wait to get paid?" That got me thinking. I would be just going from one "job" to another and that would completely defeat the purpose of working for myself. How can you work for yourself if you are selling someone else's product, going by someone else's rules and waiting for someone else to pay you for all of your work. That is not being your own boss. That is just changing bosses. What was I thinking?

I told him that I was going to spend the weekend looking at my patterns and getting some things made to sell. When I do this, I will be able to keep all of the money from the items that I make and sell. In the meantime, I can be looking at what I really want to do. I want to be the one that runs the direct sales company or at least have my own business where I have people that work for me. I love my crafts and that is what I keep doing back to. I can make baskets and fill them with things and sell the baskets and I can also look into items to do like these monthly cosmetic boxes that people are buying. Actually being my own boss is what I am working for...not just changing jobs. Looks like hubby knows what he is talking about after all. But with my crafts I can work on them in the hotel room when we travel and I can work on them at the ball field while hubby is on the field. As the kids get older and if they want to join in then I can do that too. I hate when he is right.

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