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Monday, July 21, 2014

Day 202-July 21, 2014

Sitting here at work it occurs to me that I can do pretty much whatever I want with my business. I was looking online for some ideas (of course I tweak them to be my own) and it occurred to me that I am always putting bobby pins in my kids' hair to keep their bangs out of their faces so why not make some hair pins? I have been looking at some small patterns online and I think that I have some small patterns at home as well.

I am going to go through my patterns tonight and see what I can make. I am going to just make whatever I want and then post on my Etsy page and see what bites I get. If something stays on there more than a couple of months it will go on sale. After the weekend that we had my mind is finally relaxed and clear and the ideas are still flowing.

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