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Monday, July 7, 2014

Day 188-July 7, 2014

Well, hubby came home for the night and my stepdaughter and granddaughter are staying with me this week. The younger girls are at mom's. Have not heard from my stepson much because he has been on guard so much because of the riots at the bridge in Kosovo. I will be glad when his deployment is over with and he gets to come back, at least, to the states.

I got my catalogs in the mail the other day and order forms. I started my binder and labeled my catalogs so that much is done. I just have to get my pink envelopes and mini catalogs in and then I can start handing out the mini catalogs and getting things done.

I have been having a little trouble getting the parties booked but I have an idea. I am going to talk to everyone about booking catalog parties and if they don't want to do them at their home or over dinner then I will offer to do them at my house. I will also offer Bags and Booze parties or Women and Wine parties. I can get the wine for free from my uncle that makes his own. I need to get one empty one from him to put in the bottle thermal so that I can show everyone what it looks like.

I am also going to make a list of the beauty salons in the area to see if I can have a Customer Appreciation Party with them. I would come and show the items and take orders and answer questions and will tell each stylist to invite their regular customers. They would then have a contest to get the hostess rewards and the remaining stylists will get a free gift from me for "participating."

I need to get things rolling. I hope that I can get things going to the point that I stay busy. We will see.

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