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Monday, January 20, 2014

Day 20-January 20, 2014

I finished the calendar and it sold at the auction for $15 which was not much but still okay since I charge $30 for it. Well, I got an order while I was at work today and started it tonight. I got an order for a tissue box cover and coaster set of the Pittsburgh Steelers. I know it is just one order but it is a start. It is my first official order since starting the business back up. I am feeling really confident about this. I have so many ideas going but right now I am mainly concentrating on NFL and MLB teams but it will eventually get into other things. I will be having some of the holiday items at the holidays but the main thing right now is sports items.

Well, I have kept, so far, to writing in the blog each day and sticking to my goals. I am also planning next to make two little mailboxes for the girls for their Valentines parties. I am also going to make gift bags for some of the ladies at the local cancer center and then will make the kids gift bags for their Christmas parties. I know starting them early will be a good thing because I will have more time to get it done and can do it in between orders.

Well, I will write more tomorrow. I have to get to bed for my day job. I cannot wait until I can stay at home and work on orders all day. It will be a good day when I can tell my boss that I am quitting for good to be my own boss.

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