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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Day 177-June 26, 2014

Okay, here is the update. I took my lunch and went to the dealership that I got the car from. We owe less than $2400 left on it and only had it a year. I talked to the salesman that I went through (who actually owns the place) and explained the problem we were having and before I could tell him what solutions we were wanting to ask about he stopped me and told me (after I told him it would cost $2300 to get a new engine with a warrantee but $1500 to get fixed with no warrantee) that he would pay to have the car towed to their dealership and scrap it. He told me do to a new application (because I was a temp when we got the car and I am full time now) and that he would get my new info in the system and to come back this afternoon with hubby and we would see what he could do for us and that he would work with us on the down payment on a new car.

I suffer from severe anxiety and was on the verge of a panic attack waiting to go talk to him. I called hubby on the way back to work and told him what they told me and started crying because we were actually going to see a solution that was not going to put us even further in debt. I talked to my boss and told her what was going on and asked if I could leave a little early and she told me that it was not a problem because she has been in my shoes before. I still feel like crying but not because of stress but because of the release that something is going to be done. I am still stressing a little and will until we have everything done but at least it is not as bad.

Thank you to the ones that have read this and told me to keep my head up and send prayers and positive thoughts my way. We are not where we need to be but are getting there.

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