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Friday, June 20, 2014

Day 170-June 19, 2014

Looks like I am going to have to wait a couple of more weeks before I get to order my catalogs but that is okay. I will get them along with order forms and such. I still have my bingo to work on this weekend and will also be working on getting the next boot camp started. We had to buy a part for hubby's car that was over $400 and still didn't fix the problem. But from what hubby said it wasn't going to last much longer anyway but now we have to look at getting another part. Hubby and I are stressed over it. I am home all weekend with no car while he is 3 hours away working for the weekend using my car to get there, which is fine because I wasn't planning to go anywhere anyway but I have family next door if I need anything.

I still need ink for my printer but I am going to work on and start making my signs for the car windows. I don't want to do decals because I don't want to put anything like that on my car windows so I am going to make some that I can just sit up on the windows when I am inside the store or when we are parked somewhere so that people can see them. I may even put them in the back side windows when I am driving too.

I have not been feeling well these last couple of months and my depression is still getting to me but the doctor did blood work and said that I have a B12 deficiency so I have to start shots. Maybe that will help with how I have been feeling and I can concentrate more on my goals and less on having to push through this drudge.

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