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Monday, June 16, 2014

Day 166-June 15, 2014

This is Father's Day. Hubby is on the baseball field, we have all the kids together but the one that is deployed and he even texted to tell him Happy Father's Day. We also had our grandbaby so when hubby came home all he had to do was see the kids and hold the grandbaby. It was a good day.

I was on Pinterest for a while getting ideas for different things to try. I found a Hostess Bingo that I am going to alter to work for online and for local contests. I hope that helps get orders in and gets some ladies free products. I am going to be looking at some other ideas for sales and recruiting so that I can really get going. The more ideas I have the more I can get things rolling. I need $434 in orders to get to $1000 and become a "Qualified Consultant" which means I will be eligible for more perks. I just have to get to that goal first and then work my way up to the $8400 a month that I need to be able to stay at home.

I am looking forward to the next C&C meeting that we have. We always get a free product when we attend but we also have fun and get great tips and such. I am thinking about recruiting my oldest daughter to help me. I just have to figure out how to pay her.

I have decided to definitely do the vendor show in August and will be making gift bags with info in them to hand out at the vendor show. I know I may not get many orders but will at least get my name out there. I missed doing ThirtyOne.

I am still trying to get my next boot camp going but no one seems to be interested. That is okay though. I will be concentrating on ThirtyOne mostly anyway.

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