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Monday, November 10, 2014

Day 314-November 10, 2014

Monday morning and I am still tired from the weekend. We had my daughter's birthday party Saturday and then her birthday was yesterday so I didn't do much of anything as far as my business goes. I did post a 24/24/24 event on Facebook to get 24 orders for $24 in 24 hours. I will work on that some tonight too. I also need to work on the kids' Christmas gifts for their classes. I don't have all I need for the hand warmers so they are becoming bookmarks and hopefully will turn out well. I just have to do some embroidery on them to make them look a little better. It will be good I hope.

As far as my MK business goes, I will be posting online about getting to my goal of $87 in orders to get me to my $225 goal. Then things will be better because for every order I get I can order inventory for cash and carry items. I just hope that things go well. I really need this in order to get to being a sahm. I am so tired of struggling. When income tax comes in I will be spending some of it getting inventory and getting me a carry all bag for them. I want to start doing vendor shows but need to plan them out more so that I can. I will also be making more items to sell with my craft business. I am going to do both. That should double my chances of getting where I need to be.

I know I will get there but might take me more than the 365 days to do it. We will see.

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