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Friday, April 4, 2014

Day 93-April 3, 2014

I tried crocheting a washcloth but it did not go so well. I am still going to try. Just have to keep practicing. I am also going to look at my patterns and see what I can find to make. I am going to make a lot of little things too to sell. I have been really thinking about how to get to be able to be a stay at home mom by the end of the year. I have figured out what I need to bring in a week to make what I am making working full time. I am looking into some vendor shows.

I spoke to a friend of mine from high school and he is having his annual car show for St Jude and I have already booked a booth. It is in August of this year so I have four months to get things ready. I am going to get a small hand held sewing machine and make some things too. I am going to make some heat/cool packs too. I have a ton of ideas so we will see what I need to do.

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