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Monday, April 28, 2014

Day 118-April 28, 2014

I will be spending the evening finishing the tissue box cover that I am working on and getting it shipped and then will be cutting out pieces for the mini block calendars to start stitching those. I am going to make two for my kids' teachers for end of the year gifts. I am going to make my own designs on them though. They love their teachers and I want them to be able to get something for them that is one of a kind. One of the teachers is retiring after this year so it will be nice to take something with her when she leaves to remind her of her last class of kids. I cannot believe that the school year is almost over but they will not take that long to do. I can make them pretty fast. Then will be making things for the vendor show I am working on. There don't seem to be any more orders coming in for the fundraiser but we are still trying. We at least have $500 of the $1200 we need. That is more that I thought we would raise.

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