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Monday, April 28, 2014

Day 117-April 27, 2014

I worked on a tissue box cover yesterday and am almost finished with it. I talked to hubby and he was telling me more about this new organization to umpire with that is called the Cobb League. It is college and minor league baseball and it is a great opportunity for him and for us. I am a little upset though that he would be gone for days at a time but it would get me closer to my goal of being a sahm while reaching his goals too. I don't get to get out much anyway and this would get me out of the house less without having to drag the kids along but I will figure it out. I know I can get my mom to keep the kids when I have vendor shows and such but it is just making me worry about things. I am a little jealous that he is reaching his goals already when I am still trying to figure out how to reach mine. We will work it out. Not really a setback but just something to think about. I did, however, tell him that I wanted him to do this new league. I am still going to support him but will miss him when he is gone. He would be able to work as much as he wanted and on some weekends would be able to go with him to watch him.

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