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Monday, May 26, 2014

Day 145-May 25, 2014

Worked on the gifts a little but spent some of the day finishing the deep clean on the house and also went to Hubby's ball game that was here by the house and it was adult ball. He is letting me decide which tournament he takes next weekend because of it being my birthday he is taking to his tournament with him. My mom is going to be watching the kids. I talked to my stepson yesterday trying to find out what he wants in his care package and he said that anything I want to send. That doesn't help me but I asked him if his buddies needed anything. He said there are about a dozen guys that don't get anything because their families can't afford it. I am getting some people togeather to make care packages. Each of the 12 have requested one thing each so in Corey's I am going to send them all the one thing that they have asked for. These guys have my son's back. It is my job to have theirs. I even got a friend request on FB from one of his buddies. That was pretty cool.

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