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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Day 133-May 13, 2014

Spent my day working and taking care of my husband. He pulled his hamstring so I made him take it easy. I did get an order but before he pays for it I wanted to see if I could get a pattern for it. I don't have one so I am going to use a pattern that I have and alter it. Something I do often. The customer wants a tissue box cover for his granddaughter's room that is Doc McStuffins and I could not find one anywhere. I do, however, have a tissue box cover where you can put pictures in the sides and I will print the pictures and put in the slots and make the tissue box cover that I have the pattern for. Seems like I am always having to alter patters but that is okay. I like altering them and making them my own and seeing what I can create. I even amaze myself sometimes.

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