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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Day 420-February 24, 2015

Well, had hubby drive me to work today because the roads were bad this morning. It snowed again last night but it was all gone by this afternoon. We are supposed to get more snow tomorrow night. In the mean time, I am going to be cutting the pieces for the mini block calendar and will be starting one. Now just to figure out what pattern to use. I don't know what theme I want to do first.

I only had 3 hits on my website yesterday and 127 hits on my website today. That is a huge improvement. I am starting to network more and I am feeling more confident. It gives me new hope. I am still thinking about the classes but instead I am going to look into a place to do a workshop. I also want to set up a crafter's retreat. I would love to have one of those where we craft and talk and drink wine.

It is getting harder and harder at work and I don't know how much longer I can handle it. I have to get more things made and fast. I also need to start making things for my stepdaughter's baby shower.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Day 419-February 23, 2015

The kids took their bookmarks to school and they were a big hit. I have been thinking about ways to get my craft business off the ground. I had thought about this before and put it on the back burner but have gone back to it. I am going to still make things to sell at vendor shows and at ball games but I have decided to start doing classes. I have decided to start teaching classes on plastic canvas. Here is the math of how it will get me to being a stay at home mom.

Each class is going to be two hours long.

3 classes on Saturday and 3 classes on Sunday. 5 people per class and charge $20 per person.

5 X $20 = $100 per class
6 X $100 = $600 per week

That is 6 classes per week at $100 per class.

$600 per week X 4 weeks per month = $2400 per month.

I make a little less than that at my full time job. I am working to make others more money. I am working to make my boss her bonus' and her commissions. These totals are not including the items I am selling online or selling at vendor shows and ball games.

I am going to get things rearranged tonight and then get started on mini block calendars.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Day 418-February 22, 2015

I have to put he finishing touches on the last couple of bookmarks for the kids and then moving on to the mini block calendar. Then I will post it on Facebook and will post what themes I have patterns for.

I am trying to stay motivated. I have to keep myself going and get things made. I am giving myself until the end of May to have enough items made to open at the flea market. I will make one mini block calendar and then start learning to crochet.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Day 417-February 21, 2015

Well, we are snowed in and now there is rain and sleet falling. It is supposed to freeze here tonight. I am about to start working on my bookmarks that I was supposed to finish a couple of months ago and then move on to the mini block calendars. I am going to make some of those and add them to the website. I need to get all of the other things I have made out of the box and get them ready to sell. I have them on the website already.

I might look at doing an auction on them to get them out of here. I am so tired of being broke all the time. MK is still not getting me any closer to where I want to be. I still can't get the orders I need to get my 50%. It is almost not worth it. I will just put the swag bags out and also do them for LBE and put the older catalogs out there and keep posting online. If I don't get anywhere by May 30, 2015 (my birthday) I am quitting and working completely on LBE. It seems like LBE is the only one that is getting me anywhere because I can do it my way and not have to worry about a corporation telling me how to do it.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Day 416-February 20, 2015

OMG it is snowing! It never snows in Tennessee. I am working on some online research on advertising tonight since I am taking it easy. Tomorrow I am finally going to finish the bookmarks that I have been trying to finish a couple of months ago. Then I am going to get my crochet hook out and pull up YouTube and try to learn how to make a few hats and ear covers.

I made a list of things to make and what I will charge for them and I have $500 in items to make. If I make one of each of these then I will have $500 in product. Then I can make several of them and then have an open house here at my house to showcase them. It is going to be easier once I get everything made. I have my pack of crochet hooks coming soon to go with the one I have. Then just to get things made. I have faith.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Day 415-February 19, 2015

Made it to the day job today. But by the time I head home tomorrow we are looking at worse weather than we have had the last couple of days. I cannot get warm for anything. I was looking at some things online as far as advertising ideas and I think I have found some that might work for me.

I am going to make swag bags. Now I can do these how I want. I can make sandwich size Ziploc bags and put some hard candy, opportunity flyers, sales flyers, a little note from me, and a business card. Simple, right? I can make a ton of these to give out when I am out and about. Then I still have some of my older catalogs to give out.

I am also trying to get the money together to get an inventory. I have decided to start a raffle for some handmade items and use that to raise the money. I am going to look into some things that will help me get there.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Day 414-February 18, 2015

Well, we were snowed in for a while today and got some things done in the house and a new stove moved in. I posted my Deal of the Day in the fundraiser group but don't have any orders yet. I am scared that nothing is going to come of it. I tried one with LBE and nothing came of it either.

I have to come up with a way to make $300 to get my inventory. I have also decided to take some online classes to get my business administration degree or my business management degree. Thinking that maybe it might help me find a better gig or at least increase my chances of getting a promotion at work eventually even though getting the promotion would be moving to another state to one of the other plants. I would at least have completed one thing in my life.

Day 413-February 17, 2015

Went bowling after work and when I came home I set up my MK fundraiser for my cousin. I have invited over 100 people and looking to invite more. I am posting the deal of the day but still want to look at doing something to help me come up with that $300. That is all I need to get my inventory. Then I can get my name out there more.

I still have a ton of old catalogs that were sent to me to get out there and I will be getting addresses of people in my area so that I can mail out flyers stating that I am a Mary Kay Consultant to maybe get my name out there some.

I am still working on things for LBE but waiting on my crochet needles to come in so that I can start making some things other than plastic canvas.

I am also still working on my direct sales boot camp book. If I can sell them for $5 and sell 60 of them I will be where I need to get my inventory. I am working on several different things. I still want to look into some kind of raffle type thing to do.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Day 412-February 16, 2015

I worked on a more bookmarks today while watching Netflix. I decided I am still going to try with MK and see what I can do about getting more orders. I will be watching more videos and working on more ideas to get business. I am thinking about putting together Mother's Day Bundles and selling them. Maybe that will help me get the orders I need.

I need to get $300 in orders and that will give me $150 in inventory and then every item I sell I can put back into more inventory. I have started a White February Sale but nothing yet. I am still looking at other ideas. I am thinking about emailing most of the people on my friends list about placing an order and telling them what my goals are and seeing if that helps. I also need to contact the ladies that I mailed out packets to and see if they want to order anything.

I am going to also, send an email but will make a list of the friends on my list and put the email that they have on their Facebook page and put them on the list in my back office so that I can send emails where they will get them.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Day 411-February 15, 2015

It is Sunday and I am off tomorrow. I took the day off to go to the eye doctor but according to the weather it looks like I may have more than just tomorrow off. We are supposed to get a lot of snow (for us anyway) and that means that I have plenty of time to finish the project I am working on and then to start another.

I found several patterns for things to make. I am going to start making the mini block calendars and put them on the website. That way I can at least put a few more things on there. I will make everything I can and get it on the website.

Being tired and fighting a headache doesn't help but you know what they say, I have to keep going.

Day 410-February 14, 2015

Here it is Valentine's Day and I am relaxing. Kids went to a friend's house for a couple of hours, stepdaughter went to her boyfriend's house for their date and hubby and I have been really trying to get our things in order. I am still looking at what material I need or my crafts and what I want to do.

I am so tired of my full time job. The more I think about it the more I have been dealing with knowing that I could be doing better. I know I deserve better.

No more MK and nothing but LBE from here out. I will be posting things on here about what I am making and keeping myself held accountable.

Day 409-February 13, 2015

I decided to take a couple of days and get my head together. Hubby and I took a date night and went bowling and to sing karaoke. After all of that I was able to get my head around what I needed to do. I am still taking a couple of days to work things out in my head and take it from there.

I am going to make this work but I know I still have a lot of work to do.

Day 408, February 12, 2015

I spoke to hubby and told him that I wanted to give up MK and that I wanted to keep going with LBE and he said he would help me get anything I needed. I am going to look into more patterns so that I know what I am looking at and will get started on making what I can.

I am waiting on an email back from MK telling me how to resign. I just hate giving up but don't know what else to do. I am not getting anywhere no matter what I do.

Day 407-February 11, 2015

Okay, here is what I am doing. I am giving up on MK. I am tired of not being able to do anything without doing parties or buying inventory. I am sticking with LBE. I am doing things my way. I will get an inventory built up and then get a booth at the flea market and have my LadyBug Baskets at hubby's ball games.

LadyBug Baskets will have smaller items like coffee cozies, keyfobs, and things like that with baseball themes on them to sell in the stands. I will have my business card attached to each one with the price on the back. Maybe I can get somewhere that way.

Day 406-February 10, 2015

I was looking up ideas to get sales without having a party and saw several different forums so I checked them out. There were more than three dozen comments on the forum about MK and that they had been with MK for several years and could not get bookings and could not get sales and that the only way to make money is to get people under you and then you make money off of them but you have to have a ton of people under you to make anything. That made me think.

There are so many people out there that are doing direct sales. Most people that I have talked to are with multiple companies because they are not getting where they need to be with one company and even with more than one they are still not making it. I don't want to be like that. I want to make it but like hubby said, if I send money to the company for inventory then they make money and I get stuck with products I can't sell. He would rather me make my own products. Maybe that is what I need to do.

Day 405-February 9, 2015

Had 3 days off from my full time job and still looking at how to get out of there. I was so relaxed and had to spend 4 hours getting the boss' reports fixed where they were messed up sometime when I was gone. I hate having to do my boss' job just to stuck in my low level position. Then to hear her take credit for fixing everything. I really need a change.

I am so tired and in the need of a change. I want to be able to get off of welfare and be able to not only make ends meet but exceed them. People start their own businesses all the time. Now I have to get my head together and see what I need to do to get there.

Day 404-February 8, 2015

I emailed my upline to get some ideas and was told to do pampering sessions. I told her that I don't have but one car and hubby works too and needs it too. Then she said to have them at my house. That is not an option for me. There is no way I can have sessions at my home.

I have been trying to think of a way to make a little money to get more material with. I thought about writing a book and selling it for $5 each since it will be emailed but changed my mind. Still running ideas for the crafts through my mind but keep talking myself out of things.

Day 403-February 7, 2015

Spent the day relaxing and talking to hubby. I talked to him about spending the money I needed to get the inventory to get business but he made a good point. How are people going to buy what I have on hand if they won't order from me without an inventory. It kind of makes sense. I spend the money to get the inventory and then if I don't get it sold I am out that money and have too much product to have to figure out what to do with. Sure, MK buys it back but not for what I paid for it.

I have been looking into more patterns and still thinking about how to get my name out there for LBE. I am going to look at flyers and Google some ideas for sales flyers.

Day 402-February 6, 2015

Took the kids shopping with some of the income tax and got some things that all of the kids needed and a few things I needed.

I sat and tried to message some people on my friends list to get orders and no one is biting with MK. I don't know what to do. I am thinking about giving up and just sticking to LBE. What do I do? I know it will take me longer to get to my goals if I use my own products but at the same time I get to go by m own rules and not ones set by someone else.

Most companies limit how you do things but being my own boss I can do things my way. No one seems to want to order MK. I don't know why I thought that I had what it took.

Day 401-February 5, 2015

Did a little shopping and got a few more things for the house. Things are falling in place on the house. I wish they were in my business.

I am still looking at patterns for LBE but can't decide what I want to make. I have been looking at ways to get my name out there. I am thinking about making some flyers to post around and to make a type of catalogs for my crafts as I make things so that I can show what I can do.

As far as MK goes, I keep getting told to do pampering sessions. That is not an option for me. I have been trying to find ways to get enough orders to qualify for my 50% discount to get a little inventory to have open houses while hubby is at his tournaments but I can't get ANY orders. I have been trying to offer discounts and free products and nothing.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Day 400-February 4, 2015

Well, income tax came in so we bought a new laptop, took care of a few bills, and bought some things for the house. I have started writing a little book and will be working on that periodically but still doing my crafts and working on my MK.

Today is my first day of vacation and I have accomplished a lot today. I am still trying to handle the fundraiser for my cousin with my LBE but no one is ordering. I have not even gotten any orders for MK. I will, however, be mailing out my facial in a bag pouches tomorrow. I still have to go to the eye doctor before I go back to work to have my eyes checked.

Hubby is finishing putting the living room together and I am waiting until he gets done to get the clean up done. So far has been a good day.

I am going to find some small projects to sew and make that can be hand sewn until hubby's baseball games start. Then I can work on the sewing machine when he is gone so that I don't drown out the television.

As far as MK goes, after I mail out the packets tomorrow I will carry some of the old catalogs with me and start putting them out so that I can get my name out there. I am not going to do the pampering sessions or beauty classes but I will be just doing things online or if someone calls me to place an order.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Day 399-February 3, 2015

Off work until Monday and should be in bed. Had bowling league and start new one next week. Been 22 days and no cokes and did weigh in this morning. 

I started out on January 12th at 148 pounds and this morning I'm down to 139 pounds. That's 9 pounds in three weeks. That's a big deal for me. 

Day 398-February 2, 2015

I put in for a three day vacation. Working two days and off the rest of the week. Income tax, shopping, and crafting. 

Still fighting headaches and wish they would go away. I'm tired and just want to sleep for a few days. 

Day 397-February 1, 2015

Until I decide what to do I will do MK online only until I get more inventory made for LBE. 

I have vacation time coming up so I'll be making sure I get as many thing as possible. Like a craft a thon. Going to see how many things I can make. 

Day 396-January 31, 2015

We found out income tax will be here on the 4th and are getting a few new things. Looking at a bed, fabric, his umpire stuff, bowling stuff and a new laptop. Then the rest in savings. 

Still fighting a headache and exhausted and still trying to decide what to do. Maybe I'll figure out soon. 

Day 395-January 30, 2015

I cannot get these headaches to go away. I think it's the lack of caffeine in my body. Coffee is not doing it anymore. 

I'm too exhausted to think but should be hearing about the income tax coming back. 

Day 394-January 29, 2015

Had a lot on my mind. Fighting headaches and stressing about pretty much everything. Been trying to decide what to do. 

I have been having a little luck with MK but not like I'd like. Wanting my own business. Was wanting to do MK until I got enough inventory made to get going on my own. ladybug expression