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Monday, February 23, 2015

Day 419-February 23, 2015

The kids took their bookmarks to school and they were a big hit. I have been thinking about ways to get my craft business off the ground. I had thought about this before and put it on the back burner but have gone back to it. I am going to still make things to sell at vendor shows and at ball games but I have decided to start doing classes. I have decided to start teaching classes on plastic canvas. Here is the math of how it will get me to being a stay at home mom.

Each class is going to be two hours long.

3 classes on Saturday and 3 classes on Sunday. 5 people per class and charge $20 per person.

5 X $20 = $100 per class
6 X $100 = $600 per week

That is 6 classes per week at $100 per class.

$600 per week X 4 weeks per month = $2400 per month.

I make a little less than that at my full time job. I am working to make others more money. I am working to make my boss her bonus' and her commissions. These totals are not including the items I am selling online or selling at vendor shows and ball games.

I am going to get things rearranged tonight and then get started on mini block calendars.

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