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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Day 417-February 21, 2015

Well, we are snowed in and now there is rain and sleet falling. It is supposed to freeze here tonight. I am about to start working on my bookmarks that I was supposed to finish a couple of months ago and then move on to the mini block calendars. I am going to make some of those and add them to the website. I need to get all of the other things I have made out of the box and get them ready to sell. I have them on the website already.

I might look at doing an auction on them to get them out of here. I am so tired of being broke all the time. MK is still not getting me any closer to where I want to be. I still can't get the orders I need to get my 50%. It is almost not worth it. I will just put the swag bags out and also do them for LBE and put the older catalogs out there and keep posting online. If I don't get anywhere by May 30, 2015 (my birthday) I am quitting and working completely on LBE. It seems like LBE is the only one that is getting me anywhere because I can do it my way and not have to worry about a corporation telling me how to do it.

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