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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Day 413-February 17, 2015

Went bowling after work and when I came home I set up my MK fundraiser for my cousin. I have invited over 100 people and looking to invite more. I am posting the deal of the day but still want to look at doing something to help me come up with that $300. That is all I need to get my inventory. Then I can get my name out there more.

I still have a ton of old catalogs that were sent to me to get out there and I will be getting addresses of people in my area so that I can mail out flyers stating that I am a Mary Kay Consultant to maybe get my name out there some.

I am still working on things for LBE but waiting on my crochet needles to come in so that I can start making some things other than plastic canvas.

I am also still working on my direct sales boot camp book. If I can sell them for $5 and sell 60 of them I will be where I need to get my inventory. I am working on several different things. I still want to look into some kind of raffle type thing to do.

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