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Monday, February 16, 2015

Day 412-February 16, 2015

I worked on a more bookmarks today while watching Netflix. I decided I am still going to try with MK and see what I can do about getting more orders. I will be watching more videos and working on more ideas to get business. I am thinking about putting together Mother's Day Bundles and selling them. Maybe that will help me get the orders I need.

I need to get $300 in orders and that will give me $150 in inventory and then every item I sell I can put back into more inventory. I have started a White February Sale but nothing yet. I am still looking at other ideas. I am thinking about emailing most of the people on my friends list about placing an order and telling them what my goals are and seeing if that helps. I also need to contact the ladies that I mailed out packets to and see if they want to order anything.

I am going to also, send an email but will make a list of the friends on my list and put the email that they have on their Facebook page and put them on the list in my back office so that I can send emails where they will get them.

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