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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Day 390-January 25, 2015

Well today is my grandmothers birthday and I really miss her. I'm not working on my list today because I finished it yesterday. I am still feeling torn. I'm getting a few facials booked but I can't do parties. I'm just going to do online sales. I'm still going to work on my craft business. 

I was going to buy inventory with income tax but I plan to get material instead. I'm going to start making potholders and easier items first and burp rags and such. Something to ease me into it. I'm also going to do some embroidery. 

I am finding I am more and more restricted in how I run my MK business but still run mine the way I want. We will see. I'm going to do one day MK and one day LBE and see what I do more of. 

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