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Monday, January 19, 2015

Day 383-January 18, 2015

I have done good with my water drinking. As bad as I want a coke I have kept myself from drinking them. I have been drinking water but that craving is still there. I have not weighed myself but I started out at 145 pounds and working to get down to 120 pounds. That is 25 pounds that I want to lose but I am not trying to lose it too fast.

I am going to talk to a couple of people about becoming "MK Helpers" in exchange for free product. I spoke to my cousin who just found out that I sell MK and she was telling me that she doesn't have a consultant but that she loves the Satin Hands Set and that she will buy from me from now on. She was also telling me that her mom (my Aunt) has not tried it and that she had been telling her about it. I will talk to her about it and maybe get her and my cousin over to get their opinions and maybe practice a beauty class on them. I hope she will help me out. Then I will talk to them about taking catalogs to work and church and that if they get me $100 or more in orders that I will give them free product. My cousin said she would but didn't have time to get a catalog from me so I will have to get one to her. That won't be hard. I will get it together for her and take it to her.

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