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Friday, January 16, 2015

Day 381-January 16, 2015

I spoke to my Director yesterday and found out what I can and cannot do when I set up at hubby's games. Selling cash and carry items is not allowed but I can do drawings for products and things like that to get leads. I can have the temptation box with me and sell out of there because that is not considered being at a vendor event.

We talked about the 150 woman list and the idea I had about the surveys to see how many would be interested and how many wouldn't is what she was wanting me to do with the list so we were on the same page there. I didn't label the catalogs last night because she told me that you don't want to put them all out at one place. She told me not to put that they were old catalogs just that to contact me if they want to place an order since even if they were to place the order on my website I have it set up where I will be contacting them with the total. I could have set it up for them to pay online but I would rather have it this way so that I can get a chance to talk to them one on one.

I will label the catalogs this weekend for sure and keep some in my purse or "temptation bag" to hand out. I have my mobile office ready as well.

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